Product Name Description Use/Application Manufacturer
EPIKURE 8537-WY-60 Excellent chemical resistance A water reducible amine adduct for lower VOC, two-package, waterborne coatings systems MOMENTIVE
EPIKURE 8538-Y-68 Superior chemical and corrosion resistance Designed for use in twopackage, waterborne Zinc-rich primer systems MOMENTIVE
EPIKURE 8545-W-52 Can be used for waterborne coatings on concrete and for metal anti-corrosive coatings Polymer flooring and for primer / sealer applications MOMENTIVE
EPIKURE 6870-W-53 Solvent free product as supplied, Can be used for waterborne mediume to heavy duty anti-corrosive coatings, even in marine environments. Especially suitable for railcar, truck and bus applications. MOMENTIVE
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