Product Name Description Use/Application Manufacturer
ERISYS GE-20 Neopentyl Glycol Diglycidyl Ether, Aliphatic difunctional modifier for filament wingding, coating and electrical applications CVC
ERISYS GE-21 1,4 Butanediol Diglycidyl Ether Aliphatic difunctional modifier for improved flexibility over GE-20 at comparable viscosity CVC
ERISYS GE-22 Cyclohexanedimethanol Diglycidyl Ether Cycloaliphatic difunctional modifier with outstanding weatherability. Excellent for machinery grouts and adhesives. CVC
ERISYS GE-24 Polypropylene Glycol DGE "Diepoxide of an aliphatic polyglycol used as a diluent and/or flexibilizer in high viscosity, brittle epoxy CVC
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